Advent Calendar – Dec 9

I have a very yummy puzzle for you today–Christmas Cookies!

This is a sudoku variant called ‘Kropki pairs’. In a kropki puzzle, there are black and white dots between some of the cells. A white dot between 2 cells indicates that the digits have a difference of 1 (are consecutive). Black dots indicate digits have a ratio of 2 (one is double the other).

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And for some tips on solving kropki puzzles, check out today’s video:

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  1. Third times the charm! I kept making wrong assumptions on the dots (aka chocolate chips), but finally got it worked out after restarting twice! Great puzzle.

    • Glad you got it in the end. I find that making wrong assumptions and other such mistakes just help me understand the rules more clearly for future puzzles. Often times when I try a new puzzle type, I just play around with it and see what breaks the puzzle, and then I have better idea of how to approach them.

  2. Made a mistake early on the left which somehow didn’t block me until I only had about 20 numbers left to fill. Spent 5 minutes trying to unwind and figure the mistake before restarting, and almost immediately making the same mistake (spotted the second time). I obviously need more practice with Kropki! Still immensely enjoying this set of puzzles.

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