Advent Calendar – Dec 7

The start of week 2, and today we have something a little different. I’m not even sure what to call this type of puzzle other than a ‘logic puzzle’. It should be a bit easier though as we begin a new week, and some of you may need a brain break after yesterday’s puzzle, especially if you tried Level 2.

I hope you will enjoy a change of pace from the normal puzzles and have a little fun with Santa’s reindeer.

If you are subscribed to the standard or family advent calendars, you’ll find links to the pdfs of today’s puzzle below.

And for some tips on solving this type of puzzle, check out today’s video:

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  1. Just finished these, a nice simple one for today. I uploaded them to an online pdf editor so I could take notes on them as I’m saving off all the solutions so I have something to look back on later. Reminded me of the logic puzzles I used to do in the kids puzzle magazines where you’d have to figure out things like who ate how many of grandma’s sweets, and which sweets they ate, and where they hid the wrappers.

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