Advent Calendar – Dec 6

We’re heading to Grandma’s house, as today’s puzzle is a classic sudoku named after a classic Christmas song, ‘Over the River and Through the Woods’.

There are no special rules today, but one thing to note is that there are two ‘levels’ for each puzzle. By changing just 2 of the givens, level 2 becomes more challenging. Much of the solution will be the same between the 2 levels, so take that into account when deciding which level to start with if you’re concerned about spoilers.

For reference, on the 9×9 version, sudokuwiki.org rates level 1 as a 117 (tough) and level 2 as a 340 (diabolical).

If you are subscribed to the standard or family advent calendars, you’ll find links to the pdfs of today’s puzzle below.

And for an explanation of X-wings and Y-wings, check out today’s video:

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  1. Excellent puzzles. I solved them on level 2, and it was definitely taxing. Just over an hour for the standard puzzle. Very satisfying once I got it rolling.

  2. Attempted level 2’s because why not. Really enjoying the challenge so far. When the standard puzzle finally collapsed it felt very rewarding 🙂

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