A Card Compass Puzzle

While doing my most recent series of Pencil Puzzles, I was reminded of a compass puzzle I made over a year ago, and thought I’d share it with everyone.

It’s a standard compass but with an extra twist, so be sure to read the rules. The puzzle is available here: https://git.io/JMYyC and the rules are

  • Divide the grid into regions based on the given clues.
  • There will be one orthogonally connected 13-cell region for each suit, plus 2 Joker cells that are not in a region.
  • For each given clue, the numbers indicate how many cells are north, south, east, or west of the clue cell.
  • Joker cells may not be on the edges of the grid and must be rotationally symmetric around the center.

Don’t know how compass puzzles work? Check out the section about 14:47 minutes into this video:

Puzzle Creations

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