Advent Calendar – Dec 17

I have some killer presents for you today. And by that I mean a killer sudoku with surprises inside the cages (presents). The family version is a normal killer puzzle, but the ‘full strength’ version is a bit more complicated. If you are familiar with ‘lunchbox’, ‘hidden arrow’, and ‘encaged kropki’ puzzles, then you should be good to go. If not, check out today’s video below for a brief introduction, and these videos by Cracking the Cryptic for a more in depth look at each of the different constraints:

Hidden Arrows: https://youtu.be/18ow5Y4E75U

  • Each cage contains an arrow with a circle at one end and an arrow extending the length of the cage

Encaged Kropki: https://youtu.be/s593MvCRZpg

  • Each cage contains kropki dots in a ratio of the digits in the cage sum

Lunchbox: https://youtu.be/6wRUfJyipwk

  • The digit in the corner of the cage gives the sum of the digits ‘sandwiched’ between the largest and smallest digits in the cage

If you are subscribed to the standard or family advent calendars, you’ll find links to the pdfs of today’s puzzle below.

And for a brief explanation of killer sudoku and the different types of cages, check out today’s video:

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  1. Well, that sure used up a lot of brain cells today!! I got an answer, hopefully it right – it all works out at least using my math! It was a great puzzle today, so glad I attempted it.

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