Advent Calendar – Dec 1

Today is the first day of the Advent Calendar of Puzzles. Each puzzle will be available as a printable pdf download, but most of the puzzles will also include a link to solve the puzzle online if you prefer.

Today’s puzzle is a renban sudoku called ‘Candles’. In a renban sudoku, marked regions must contain consecutive digits. The digits within that region can be in any order (74365 or 2413 would be valid, for example).

If you are subscribed to the standard or family advent calendars, you’ll find links to the pdfs of today’s puzzle below.

For some tips on how to solve a renban sudoku and for using f-puzzles to solve online, check out this short video:

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  1. Finally got time to sit down and start on these today. Loved today’s offerings. Must admit to getting really stuck on the “adults” puzzle and worrying at one point whether I’d bitten off more than I could chew 😀 Got there in the end though once I deleted all my pencil marks and started with just numbers and blanks. At times, less is more.

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