Advent Calendar FAQ

What types of puzzles will be included?

There will be a variety of puzzles, but roughly 2/3 will be sudoku variants, a few pencil puzzles, and even some other logic puzzles that I’m not sure how to classify.

How hard will the puzzles be?

There will be a wide range, with the difficulty generally increasing throughout each week (hardest puzzles on the weekends). Most of the puzzles should be very approachable for anyone familiar with sudoku variants. And the ‘family edition’ is perfect as an introduction to sudoku variants for newbies.

Are the ‘family’ versions just for kids?

Absolutely not! These are not going to be simple puzzles like you find on a restaurant placemat or a cereal box. They will still include all the same sudoku variants and pencil puzzles as the standard version, just smaller and without any advanced techniques needed.

Can I subscribe to both versions?

Of course! Get the standard version for yourself, and the family version for your kids (or your spouse/sibling/parent).

What if I decide the puzzles are too hard? Can I switch versions?

I’m happy to give hints if you need them, but if you want to switch to the family version, that can be arranged too.

Do I need a credit card?

WordPress only allows subscriptions via credit card. If you want to pay another way, send me an email (scott.strosahl@gmail.com) and we can arrange something through Paypal/Venmo/Zelle.

I have a different question

Send me a message (scott.strosahl@gmail.com)

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